T&RS Engineering (TRSE) provides a range of specialist services to the Rail Industry for the maintenance and overhaul of individual or fleets of traction and rolling stock vehicles. As an Independent company who specialise in Validation and Verification methods (IV&V), T&RS Engineering (TRSE) can provide Lead Auditors to support your business through the following auditing services;

  • Product and Process Audits,
  • Supplier Quality Assurance (SQA) Audits,
  • Product Quality and Validation Audits,
  • Capability Audits,
  • Asset and Asset Management Audits,
  • Internal Quality Audits,
  • Depot Maintenance Audits,
  • Safety Management System (SMS) audits.

The auditing team have extensive experience undertaking audits for ROSCO’s, TOC’s, Major Supply Chain Organisations and component suppliers against a range of customer specifications. Industry “Best Practice” gathered during UKAS & RISAS assessments would be adopted as a value add feature to any assessment or audit undertaken, whilst observing strict confidentiality and Integrity protocols. We would welcome an opportunity to discuss your auditing needs and demonstrate what T&RS Engineering can offer.

We have a number of mission statements;

  • “…Our audit and assessment philosophy is to provide our clients with value added audits to achieve compliance to requirements and support continual improvement…”
  • “…Our audit and assessment methodology is a structured approach and concise reporting…”
  • “…Our audit and assessment delivery is based on knowledge, experience, engagement & empowerment…”
  • “…People really do make a difference…”

If you require more information please contact T&RS Engineering