We provide technical support to clients on any issues associated with the day to day requirements of maintenance or overhaul of their fleets or individual rail vehicles.


T&RS Engineering has extensive experience of maintenance and overhaul of all types of rail vehicles – from fleets of high-speed trains to freight wagons and to on-track plant and equipment.


This experience has been gained through either being depot “hands-on”, working in depot management and through independent consultancy roles. We supply fast, reliable and diverse engineering support to Train  Operating Companies, Rolling Stock Leasing Companies and other Rail Service Providers at a very competitive price.


We can do this because we have the flexibility to adapt to the needs of our customers and to draw upon our in-house extensive experience to manage and deliver innovative solutions.


Typical services we can provide include;


• Depot Capacity & Resource Planning

• Vehicle Acceptance Support

• Manage Engineering Change and Compliance

• Product and Performance Improvement

• Overhaul Interval Extensions (One-Off   Vehicles or Fleets)

• Vehicle Handback Inspections


If you require more information please contact T&RS Engineering