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T&RS Engineering is celebrating its 25th anniversary on 26th March 2024

T&RS Engineering is celebrating its 25th anniversary on the 26th March 2024


Formed by Dave Poulton, in 1999 T&RS Engineering grew from the rail history in Doncaster, UK.  Following the downsizing of the Doncaster historic ‘Plant Works’ in the late 1990s, T&RS Engineering initially employed ex-British Rail production engineers and managers, providing their invaluable experience across the industry.


In 2012 Richard Poulton, (also an ex-Doncaster works apprentice) joined the company intending to grow the client base and service offering. Having built a strong team of engineers, and Dave’s pending retirement, Richard took over the role of Managing Director in 2018.


In 2023, with a team of 12 employees T&RS Engineering entered an exciting new chapter as a controlling interest was acquired by Rendel Limited.  


Now celebrating the company's 25th Anniversary, T&RS Engineering is looking forward to growing with Rendel and Ingerop, continue supporting its current client base and further expansion.


Team T&RS are planning an evening out to celebrate our 25 year milestone and another successful year.