Are your maintenance and overhaul plans delivering?

"I would not hesitate in recommending TRSE to other areas of West Midlands Trains or other Train Operating Companies. Projects in which I have engaged TRSE for support include maintenance optimisation and auditing"

Gavin Thomas

Head of Fleet Production, West Midlands Trains

T&RS Engineering has extensive experience of maintenance and overhaul of all types of rail vehicles – from fleets of high-speed trains to freight wagons and to on-track plant and equipment.  This experience has been gained through being depot “hands-on”, working in depot management, fleet engineer and independent consultancy roles. This, combined with our knowledge of vehicle maintenance and overhaul processes allows us to offer a full range of rail vehicle maintenance / overhaul assessment and optimisation.


The experienced team provide a bespoke service to all our clients, leading to better outcomes, enabling:

  • Improvement of vehicle reliability, safety, performance, and availability
  • Cost reductions from having proactive and preventative maintenance operations procedures in place
  • Optimised usage of staff and facilities


T&RS Engineering has delivered numerous maintenance optimisation projects across a variety of fleets including high speed, regional, light rail and freight for several operators . The output of each of the projects being optimised regimes to suit the different challenging operational requirements for each scenario. For both Maintenance and Overhaul Optimisation projects, we have a proven methodology that ensures that there is no detriment to the safety or reliability of the assets


Maintenance and overhaul optimisation is provided complete with appropriate engineering change approvals, attestation statements and compliance to RIS-2700-RST certification, where applicable.


Our team of Maintenance and Overhaul Assessment Engineers can provide a bespoke service to vehicle maintainers, operators and owners, providing an opportunity for improvement of vehicle reliability and availability, in conjunction with cost reduction and optimised utilisation of depot staff and facilities.


If you require more information please contact T&RS Engineering


Reliability centred maintenance (RCM)


The T&RS Engineering team have expertise in usage and application of the RCM process; a systematic, logical approach which defines a routine maintenance programme and enables cost-effective task management throughout the in-service life of the asset. RCM is integrated into our optimisation process.


Working with our clients we produce an engineering framework that defines a maintenance and inspection regime to ensure important functions and systems of an asset do not fail unexpectedly.


The RCM process:

1) We work to inspect the rail asset so as to understand its operating context, then produce a Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) to map where issues could arise


2) RCM logic is applied to this, giving a breakdown of the maintenance tasks which need to be undertaken to keep it running smoothly.


3) This leads to producing a list of reliability dependant tasks which can be incorporated into the regular set of work orders, thus avoiding failure of systems and components.


4) Just as maintenance and improvement is not a static task, neither is the RCM process. It is kept live for the in-service life of the train, continually under review for improvements as the train is used and experience is gained by those maintaining it.


The RCM process enables train operators and maintainers to monitor, assess and gain a good overview of understanding the working of railway assets across the whole operational fleet.


It also leads to better understanding and management of operational risk by predicting where failure conditions could arise.


For more information on any of our maintenance and overhaul optimisation or reliability centred maintenance engineering consultancy services, please contact T&RS Engineering